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Volunteer with AAPACN

Being a member of AAPACN doesn’t just mean you are ahead of the game with updates and education, it means that you have the opportunity to give back to your profession. Take your commitment to the next level by volunteering, becoming a mentor, or sharing your story with others. Find the volunteer opportunity that’s right for you!

Welcome new members. Join our group of Community Welcome Volunteers and make those new to AAPACN feel at home. It’s an easy and fun way to connect with new members.

Write articles and posts for the AAPACN blog. As an experienced healthcare professional, your passion and knowledge can be transcribed into educational readings for other members. 

Answer questions or provide encouragement in the member community. Not everyone has been doing this forever. In fact, a new DNS or NAC is starting their first day on the job today! Take time to share advice with those who need it most.

Serve on an expert panel or committee. Commit to being part of a devoted group of leaders that help to shape and improve the content delivered through AAPACN. Positions for these committees are on an as-needed basis.

Serve as a mentor for other members. Share your experience and expertise with members new to the profession or who are looking for further growth.

Apply to the AAPACN Board of Directors. Help set the group responsible for the strategic leadership needed to grow our Association and to have it meet the needs of our members now and in the future.

Thank You Member Volunteers!

This group of highly-skilled individuals ensures AAPACN's leadership materials are routinely reviewed to reflect current thinking in nursing practice and government regulation.

Lynn Milligan - Chair
Betsy Hardy - Vice Chair
Barbara Bates
Candace McMullen
Ruth Minnema
Linda Winston
This panel ensures AAPACN's RAI and MDS 3.0 materials are routinely reviewed to reflect current thinking in nursing practice and government regulation.

Maureen McCarthy - Chair
Brenda Sowash - Vice Chair
Kristie Bacher
Elizabeth Barlow
Judy Wilhide Brandt
Stacy Grondel
Scott Heichel
Robin Hillier
Carol Maher
Karin Sherman
Joel VanEaton
This board reviews Leader for the NAC articles and FAQ content. They represent the best and brightest minds in post-acute care.

Scott Heichel
Robin Hillier
Stephanie Fey
Carol Maher
Maureen McCarthy
This committee selects recipients for the 2021 AAPACN Awards to identify and recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the profession.

Rosanna L. Benbow - Chair
Maria Arellano
Kristie R. Bacher
Lindsey N. Campbell
Faith Coulbourne-Scott
Erica Dugger
Janet K. Feldkamp
Lisa Flottman
Elizabeth H. Florczak
Holly Janca
Meredith Lanata
Michelle M. LaVallee
Linda W. McKinney
Ramona Proctor
Jennifer Pyne
Karen E. Reed
Tracey Robinson
Catherine Rodgers
Tonya S. Scheller
Michelle Stuercke
Courtney M. Simpson
Kelton D. Swartz
Trisha K. Williams
This task force assists AAPACN staff in preparing for the AAPACN Conference by determining appropriate, relevant, and necessary content through the evaluation and rating of conference sessions.

Faith Coulbourne-Scott
Colleen Fohlmeister
Leigh Ann Frick
Pam Hagerich
Tamara Kimball
Michelle LaVallee
Mary Madison
Linda Raimo
Karen Reed
Sarah Riggin
Cathy Rodgers
Kim Steele
Joesph Taylor
Allison Weaver

To learn more about volunteering, join the Volunteer Community or complete the following form and let us know your interests.

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