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QM Survival Guide

Quality Measures Survival Guide

Members: $60 |  Non-members: $120

Navigate the maze of MDS 3.0 Quality, QRP, and SNF VBP Measures

The QM Survival Guide details over 50 Quality Measures in one place, eliminating the need to search through multiple sources. The PDF features hundreds of form fields and numerous links to important resources.

Nurse leaders can use the QM Survival Guide as navigation tool, just like a map

Use the QM Survival Guide to:

  • Make your job easier by quickly referencing Quality Measures you need to know to perform your job well
  • Help you stay on the right path to easily identify the triggers, exclusions, and the seemingly endless list of covariates
  • Identify if there is a problem with any of the key areas of quality improvement — system, knowledge, or performance — to develop an action plan for QAA for improved outcomes
  • Audit for the more than 51 Quality Measures (QMs) originating from three different quality initiative programs

This product includes an At-A-Glance QM, QRP, and VBP tool, detailed definitions and algorithms, a full reference guide, and interactive audit tools for 30 Quality Measures.

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