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Interrupted Stay Policy FAQs

Interrupted Stay Policy FAQs and Resources

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A Comprehensive Guide with Tools and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Interrupted stays may not happen often, and every skilled nursing facility (SNF) stay is different. Since the introduction of the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM), there have been more than one hundred questions on this subject in the AAPACN Community alone. What is an interrupted stay? How is it calculated? How is it billed? What assessments are needed? How does an interrupted stay affect MDS coding on the Discharge assessment and subsequent assessments? Does it affect the physician certification and recertification schedule? How does the interrupted stay impact therapy services? Confusion regarding the interrupted stay policy and its effects persists.

AAPACN’s Interrupted Stay Policy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Resources answers 24 of the most inquired-about questions and explains different scenarios to help the nurse assessment coordinator (NAC) and the biller understand the nuances of the interrupted stay policy. This comprehensive guide also includes references to CMS regulations, additional AAPACN resources, and many examples to help demystify the interrupted stay policy.