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Survey Preparedness Program

Survey Preparedness Program

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Tools and Resources to Mitigate Survey Risk

Developed by AAPACN nurse experts, the Survey Preparedness Program is a systematic, proactive approach to compliance with the federal regulations. This program adapts the methods and tools surveyors use to investigate compliance during the standard survey to facilitate activities throughout the year that prepare the facility to withstand the scrutiny of the standard survey process successfully. Designed as an interactive PDF, the Survey Preparedness Program is comprised of tools and resources that will enhance the survey preparedness and compliance activities the facility is already doing, allowing the QAA/QAPI committee to customize the program to the facility’s needs. View the table of contents.

AAPACN'S Survey Preparedness Program

A 12-Month Survey Preparedness Plan

AAPACN’s Survey Preparedness Program will guide the QAA/QAPI committee to develop a detailed schedule of activities to achieve and maintain compliance before the standard survey. Each month, the QAA/QAPI committee will oversee the deployment of the following:  

  • Update the CMS 802 form following the Guide to the CMS 802 Matrix for Providers
  • Review the MDS 3.0 QM Facility-Level Report following the Guide to Primary iQIES Reports for the DNS
  • Update the Survey Readiness Binder
  • Select the Monthly Resident Survey Sample
  • Update and share the Survey Preparedness Communication Plan
  • Investigate compliance using the LTC Critical Element Pathways and F-Tags following the Guide to LTC Critical Element Pathways and Guide to F-Tags Without LTC Critical Element Pathways
  • Conduct observations, interviews, and audits following the Guide to Observations, Interviews, and Audits
  • Conduct the key clinical compliance processes following the Guide to Key Clinical Processes for Compliance
  • Provide education outlined in the Facility Assessment and 12-Month Survey Preparedness Plan
  • Initiate Corrective Action Plans or PIPs, as needed, and use the data collected from the month to inform planning of survey preparedness activities. See the QAPI Meeting Tools

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