Corporate Team

  • Tracey Moorhead, CEO and President
  • Susan Turman, COO
  • Teresa Summers, Executive Assistant

Curriculum Development

  • Amy Stewart, Vice President of Curriculum Development
  • Jane Belt, Curriculum Development Specialist
  • Jessie McGill, Curriculum Development Specialist
  • Alexis Roam, Curriculum Development Specialist

Membership and Marketing

  • Deborah White, Vice President of Membership and Marketing
  • Carrie Ripes, Marketing Manager
  • Aileen Holland, Membership Development Manager
  • Scott Hammond, Member Services Manager
  • Carolyn Gibson, Member Services Coordinator
  • Buffy Maron-Gray, Members Services/Organizational Membership Coordinator
  • Taylor Cody, Graphic Designer
  • Emily Neufeld, Marketing Assistant
  • Kaye Sanders, Member Services/Office Assistant


  • Brenda Hull, Vice President of Professional Development
  • Marqita Jones, Conferences and Events Manager
  • Karen Porter, Professional Development Manager
  • Alix Murrell, Senior Professional Development Coordinator
  • Thomas Connell, Professional Development Coordinator

Business Development

  • Kim Hicks, Vice President of Business Development
  • Tamara Rimpley, Business Development Coordinator


  • Bob Droog, Director of Information Technology
  • Leigh Anne Elkins, Accounting Manager
  • Domitilla Sandusky, Database/Project Manager
  • Beth Gregory, Database Assistant
  • Ginger Moore, Human Resources Generalist

To learn more about the AAPACN staff, visit the Staff Bio Page.