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Value of AAPACN Certification

The Value of AAPACN Certification

Research findings from healthcare analysts at Dobson DaVanzo demonstrate that improvements in QMs and Star Ratings as well as financial value can be achieved by employing AAPACN-certified individuals. The data proves that aligning facility operations leadership with nursing leadership can drive improvements in quality metrics, resulting in higher reimbursements and bolstered community reputation. The key? Investing in nurse education and certification.

The research provides evidence that facilities staffed with AAPACN-certified nurses have:

  • Fewer survey deficiencies than those that do not
  • Fewer denied claims
  • Lower risk of civil money penalties from survey deficiencies
  • Overall higher average Five-Star Quality Rating

Hear From the Experts

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The Proof is in the Data

Facilities should invest in nursing certifications because nowadays knowledge is not just power – knowledge is actually survival.

Nelia Adaci, RNC, BSN
COO, The Charts Group

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