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Value of AAPACN Certification

The Value of AAPACN Certification

Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) employing at least one staff member with an AAPACN certification see higher five-star ratings from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) than those without certification. These findings, released in a December 2021 report and webinar by ABILITY Network, an Inovalon company, reveal higher ratings in all categories and demonstrate the value of AAPACN certification to your facility and organization.

Chart demonstrating the value of AAPACN certification

Facilities with AAPACN-Certified Staff See Higher Five-Star Ratings

Analysts at ABILITY compared CMS Five-Star site-of-care data published in July 2021 with AAPACN certification data for facilities employing at least one staff member holding a Resident Assessment Coordinator-Certified (RAC-CT™), Director of Nurse Services-Certified (DNS-CT), or QAPI Certified Professional (QCP) certification. “We can determine a positive correlation, as AAPACN-certified SNFs had a higher overall star rating than the uncertified group,” said ABILITY’s Manager of Marketing Analytics.

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