AAPACN is dedicated to supporting post-acute care nurses provide quality care.


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The AAPACN Education Foundation positively impacts the lives of 1.4 million people living in nursing homes by providing education scholarships for nurses committed to improving the quality of life and care for long-term care residents. 

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Your donation to the AAPACN Education Foundation will help support post-acute care nurses further their education, achieve their career goals, and inspire others. 100% of every donation goes to funding academic scholarships for CNAs, LPN/LVNs, and RNs currently working in long-term care and enrolled in a higher degree program.

LTPAC student nurses furthering their education

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Simply text your donation using Apple Pay or a credit card. Text NURSESCHOLARSHIP2024 to 707070. Or donate online now using the form below.

Meet Past Scholarship Recipients

Support these post-acute care nurses who are committed to improving the quality of life and care for residents living in long-term care. Meet some of the past recipients to learn how the Foundation’s support has impacted their careers.

AAPACN Education Foundation 2024 Scholarship Recipients

Ashley Brown, 2023 Scholarship Recipient: “Without this scholarship and a scholarship through my employer, I’m not sure that I would be able to return to school right now. It just wouldn’t be possible without scholarships.”

Alyssa West, 2023 Scholarship Recipient: This scholarship, the money helps obviously. But just being awarded means you all see potential in me. It makes me want to do better and keep going even when it’s hard.

Jessica Ferguson, 2023 Scholarship Recipient: “I knew that was it. I knew it’s where I belonged. The elderly, was it!”

Britney Lenover, 2023 Scholarship Recipient: “(This scholarship) moves me closer to my goal to being able to move further in long-term care as hopefully one day an administrator to make the changes that I want to make in my community and in the long-term care setting.”

Lily Ann Lopez, 2022 Scholarship Recipient: “This scholarship is really a blessing for me, and I am very honored to be one of the recipients. It will not only allow me to continue my education but also, I am more motivated to give my 100%.”

Alexis Albrecht, 2020 Scholarship Recipient: “I love how the residents become like family. I’ve worked in a hospital setting before; I just always went back to long-term care because I love the lasting relationships and the personalization of care that you can give.”

Niclole Arey, 2022 Scholarship Recipient: “It just pointed me right back home; back home to where I felt the most comfortable, where I felt like I could give the best care, where I felt I can make a difference, and I can be a leader here.”

Danielle Yenuganti, 2021 Scholarship Recipient: “The impact is hard to put into words … It says that they believe in you and that they support your educational goals that then in turn make your career goals come to fruition.”