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QAPI Certified Professional

Online + PDF – Members: $615 |  Non-members: $1,229
Workshop – Members: $603 |  Non-members: $809
Continuing Education:
16.21 CE hours for online; 15.0 CE hours for workshop
NAB CEs: Available for online five-course set or workshop completion

QAPI Certification and Education for QAPI/QAA Committee Members

QAPI (Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement) certification and education is the key to continuous growth and sustained performance improvement. An effective QAPI program requires full IDT participation and a data driven approach that can be turned into action plans that minimize risk, maximize efficiencies, and improve resident outcomes. 

The QAPI Certified Professional (QCP®) education and certification program is intended for members of the QAPI/QAA committee and covers all aspects of QAPI from theory to application-based strategies. Learn how to translate data into actionable information and drive performance improvement. QCP certification provides practical and relevant quality improvement education that nurse leaders can apply in all aspects of QAPI.  

Image of QA committee discussing what they learned in the QCP certification program.

QCP Certification Requirements

To earn the QCP certification, candidates must:

  • Have the equivalent of two years of full-time healthcare experience, preferably in long-term or post-acute care leadership or quality improvement
  • Actively participate in a QAPI program or serve as a member of a QAA committee
  • Pass the QCP certification exam with a score of 80% or better

The QCP certification is valid for four years. Learn more about the QCP certification by downloading the Candidate Handbook found in the AAPACN Learner Dashboard. Learn more about how to receive ANCC and NAB CEs by visiting the FAQs in the AAPACN Learner Dashboard.

QCP Prep Courses and Workshops

Nationally recognized nurse educators have developed a five-part educational program that will make it easy for you to get ready for the certification exam and will help you become an expert in the process. The program is available to purchase as a five-course bundle in online + PDF format or a live workshop, depending upon your needs. The program will help you:

  • Conduct a Root Cause Analysis with simple directions and realistic examples
  • Lead an effective and efficient team meeting using a tip sheet to assist with agenda preparation
  • Use team decision making techniques that can be applied to many different situations
  • Utilize data to drive improvement and prioritize what corrective actions should be taken
  • Work through a PIP by following a realistic example  

Courses include:

  • QAPI Design and Scope for Skilled Nursing Facilities (CE: 3.39 hours)
  • QAPI Governance and Leadership for Skilled Nursing Facilities (CE: 3.34 hours)
  • QAPI Feedback, Data Systems, and Monitoring for Skilled Nursing Facilities (CE: 4.41 hours)
  • QAPI Performance Improvement Projects for Skilled Nursing Facilities (CE: 2.75 hours)
  • QAPI Systematic Analysis and Systemic Action for Skilled Nursing Facilities (CE: 2.32 hours)

The QCP program may be purchased as a five-course bundle in online + PDF format, plus the certification exam, by clicking on the “Purchase” button at the top of the page. The QCP exam is included with both the online course format and the live workshop.

*NAB CEs are eligible to individuals who have completed either the five-course online program or the live workshop format.

Need help accessing your certificate?

Your certificate will be ready for you on the My Certificates area of your Learner Dashboard once you have fulfilled all of the certification requirements. Be sure that you have registered for (or purchased) the course as well as enrolled in the course, which allows for tracking of your progress. This two-minute video explains how to register, enroll, and find your certificate.