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DNS Fundamentals Tools

DNS Fundamentals Tools

Developed by AAPACN nurse leader experts, these practical nurse leader fundamentals tools will guide the novice or experienced DNS/DON in management of an LTPAC nursing department. These tools are included in the DNS Fundamentals online education program.

Organizational Toolkit for the Director of Nursing Services

Members: $22 |  Non-members: $190

When a nurse leader is organizing his or her time to be as efficient and effective as possible, establishing priorities and sticking to them is essential. The Organizational Toolkit for the Director of Nursing Services provides the DNS with guidance to organize tasks and responsibilities. Included are tools to assist the DNS to set priorities, tables with DNS responsibilities and how to schedule them, along with a daily and weekly planner template.

Staffing Tool

Members: $110 |  Non-members: $277

Appropriate staffing levels are critical when providing quality care. The Staffing Tool can help the DNS determine how many staff members are needed in a 24-hour period and per shift according to the budget. It can also help calculate what the actual direct care PPD for each staff type currently being utilized is and compare it to the budgeted PPD to determine if the nursing department is running above budget or below budget. This tool can also assist the DNS in comparing the facility’s actual direct care PPD to staffing requirements to ensure compliance. A printable daily posting sheet is included that the DNS can post for public viewing to maintain compliance with CMS requirements in F732.

CNA and Licensed Nurse Competency Checklists

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Competent staff are critical to provide excellent clinical care to residents and maintain compliance with state and federal requirements. Use the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Licensed Nurse Competency Checklists to evaluate staff members’ ability to perform care duties in a competent manner.