AAPACN is dedicated to supporting post-acute care nurses provide quality care.

Mentor Program

Mentoring With AAPACN

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in post-acute care or brand-new to the field, being a mentor or mentee will help you build meaningful relationships to meet your professional development goals, bolster your career, and make lasting connections with fellow members and peers in long-term care. Members may use the Member Directory to search for a fellow peer to connect with,  join the Mentorship Community, or simply use the worksheets below to help guide a relationship with someone you know through professional history.

Why might having a mentor or mentee be a smart choice?


  • Give back to your profession by helping others who need support and coaching to succeed in their careers  
  • Make new connections and friends 
  • Stay attuned to the nursing field by learning from your mentee  
  • Add mentoring to your own professional development goals  
  • Be recognized as a leader and volunteer within your profession and AAPACN


  • Receive help from an experienced professional within the long-term care field 
  • Network and expand your career opportunities 
  • Accomplish specific goals and results as determined by you 
  • Add your mentoring experience to your resume 
  • Get advice on your professional development and career direction


To help you begin a mentoring relationship with a peer or colleague, AAPACN has created several worksheets that can be used during your time together. We also developed tips for getting started — whether it’s an old friend or a fellow AAPACN member you’ve just met, sometimes it can be tough to get the conversation going. We’re here to help and make it easy to start your path toward professional development.  

Search the AAPACN Connect Member Directory to find your next mentee/mentor.