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Restorative Programs Guide

Guide to Restorative Programs

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Implement Restorative Nursing Programs with Confidence

The risk for functional decline in long-term care residents is a serious issue that often leads to falls, pressure ulcers/injuries, weight loss, depression, and other negative outcomes. To ensure quality outcomes and to comply with federal regulation, nursing facilities must have a comprehensive and effective restorative program that encourages each resident’s highest level of function. However, many facilities struggle to implement and manage any consistent restorative program. AAPACN’s Guide to a Successful Restorative Program will provide the knowledge and tools you need to start and maintain an effective restorative program in your facility with ease and confidence.

*Updated May 2024.

Restorative Programs Guide helps nursing teams implement and manage restorative programs appropriate for a facility resident

Use the Guide to Successful Restorative Programs to:

  • Identify and overcome barriers to effective restorative programming in your facility
  • Select appropriate candidates for restorative programming
  • Recruit available resources in your facility, such as a program lead, activities director, and more
  • Write restorative programs with measurable goals
  • Analyze resident performance for effective periodic evaluations

The Guide to Successful Restorative Programs includes:

  • Interactive PDF manual
  • Tools and algorithms to help you initiate your program
  • Comprehensive examples of restorative goals, interventions, evaluations, and care planning to adapt to paper or electronic software
  • Additional resources to help you create the best restorative program and maintain it successfully in your facility