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New Staff Training

AAPACN Training Solutions for New Staff

Providing new staff with training specific to their roles in long-term and post-acute care can be one of the most effective ways to ensure their future success, engagement with your organization, and long-term retention. Developed by LTPAC nurse experts, AAPACN’s MDS Essentials for nurse assessment coordinators/MDS coordinators and DNS Fundamentals for DONs/DNSs are comprehensive training solutions easily integrated into your current orientation and on-boarding processes. These on-demand courses are broken into approximately one-hour training sessions and designed to build knowledge, skill, and confidence in the new NAC and new DNS. Ensure that new staff have the most up-to-date and consistent foundational training available for their professional role with AAPACN’s training solutions.

MDS Essentials

Members: $484 |  Non-members: $969
Continuing Education:
12.5 CE hours

An Introduction to the MDS

MDS Essentials: An Introduction to the MDS 3.0 is a ten-session on-demand workshop that moves through the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) User’s Manual, helping the new nurse assessment coordinator (NAC) to understand the intent, rationale, and coding requirements of each MDS item set, Care Area Assessments, care plans, and scheduling. The program is perfect for a new NAC with less than six months of experience and serves as a great primer to the RAC-CT certification program.

Learning objectives include:

  • Understanding the history of the RAI process and the scope of the RAI’s impact, including Quality Measures, Five-Star Rating, reimbursement, and survey outcomes
  • Knowing how to avoid coding errors by effectively using the RAI User’s Manual and understanding of MDS item sets  
  • Being able to develop person-centered care plans based on an understanding of Care Area Assessments
  • Comprehending the basics of assessment scheduling to avoid being overwhelmed by PPS and OBRA timing guidelines 

There is no exam or certification associated with this program.

DNS Fundamentals

Members: $319 |  Non-members: $638
Continuing Education
: 5.0 CE hours

Foundational Knowledge for DONs

The DNS Fundamentals course is a fast-paced, six-hour course that will help the new director of nursing services/director of nursing (DNS/DON) prepare to excel in the role. Providing foundational management and leadership training not included in most nursing programs, DNS Fundamentals can help new DONs or new to LTPAC nurse leaders to perform the DNS job duties skillfully and with confidence.

Learning objectives include:

  • Gaining an understanding of the role of the DNS as required by federal regulations 
  • Reviewing the basics of Medicare and Medicaid Federal Regulations including how to prepare for a survey
  • Discussing the broad elements of LTC Quality oversight, including the federal quality reporting systems and requirements
  • Examining the basics of business operations in the nursing department, including strategic planning, budgeting, and CMS payment systems
  • Reviewing the key principles of clinical systems management
  • Analyzing the challenges of staffing the nursing department and review the key components of human resource management

There is no exam or certification associated with this program.

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