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AAPACN 2020 Inspiration Award – Jacqueline Jenkins, RN, Good Samaritan Society

One of the highlights of the AAPACN annual conference each year is the recognition of the year’s award winners. With the 2020 conference now planned as a virtual conference in June, AAPACN will feature the 2020 winners in this blog series every week in April. Please join AAPACN in congratulating each of the AAPACN 2020 Award Winners!

2020 Inspiration Award Winner – Jacqueline Jenkins, RN

The Inspiration Award is given to an aspiring and inspiring leader.

Jacquie is an interim director of nursing for the Good Samaritan Society in Minnesota. In her nomination of Jacquie, Karla Boettcher, NP, wrote:

Inspiration means “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially creative. It is a feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone who has new and creative ideas.”

This certainly describes Jacquie. As an LTC care interim DON, Jacquie leads by example, tackling each issue with compassion and understanding. Her positive attitude is contagious, inspiring everyone she meets to want to be more like her. Jacquie’s priority is making the staff feel validated and heard – that they truly have a voice. Once they feel that way, then they pass that on to the residents.

Other DONs that she has trained state, “I want to be that kind of DNS; I want to be her when I grow up.”

Former team member, Ann Maudlin, LPN, agrees. “Long-term care is hard job. Teamwork is essential on every level to have success. Having a leader like Jacquie who has heart, compassion, integrity, and a kind spirit makes the job easier, more effective, and honestly, more pleasurable.”

Congratulations, Jacqueline, AAPACN 2020 Inspiration Award winner!

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