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5 Ways to Celebrate Your RAC-CT Certification

You just passed your final exam and you’re ready to tell the whole world that you are finally RAC-CT certified! This is your moment of achievement. It’s something you’ve been working very hard toward for months, putting in hours of studying, and now – YOU DID IT! With your certificate in hand, you may be wondering – how do you celebrate? Here are a few suggestions on how to spread the word, share your joy with others, and be RAC-CT proud!

1.       Call Your Family and Friends

Passing the exams wasn’t easy, and your family and friends probably know this is something you’ve been trying to achieve for a while. Give them a call and let them know you passed! Thank them for their support and understanding while you tested your knowledge and skills and for being there during the really hard days. Also, don’t forget to catch up on anything you may have missed while studying and plan a celebration dinner so that you all can celebrate together soon.

2.       Get Social

Do you think calling everyone you know might take too long? Post about your achievement on social media and in the AANAConnect Community!

On social media, post about your achievement on your personal feed and in MDS Coordinator groups. Include a dancing GIF. Take a photo of yourself with your certificate. Use the hashtag #Proud2BeRACCT in your post. Tell others what this achievement means to you and share your relief. You’re RAC-CT!

In AANAConnect, thousands of other MDS nurses have gone through this moment. Spread your excitement and joy with them. Let others know you finally did it! You are now a part of a community of 10,700 nurses who hold a RAC-CT credential. Start a thread. Ask other NACs how they felt in this moment. Gather others in your profession around virtually to celebrate with you.

3.       Update Your Credentials

You earned those five letters – now put them everywhere! Be sure to update your credentials in all of the following places:

4.       Add Your Certification to Your Resume

Now that you’re certified, more job opportunities will be available to you, and you want to be ready! Add your certification under the Education section of your resume so that hiring managers know you have what it takes to tackle the MDS/RAI process with ease. Don’t forget to put your new credentials next to your name, too!

5.       Frame Your Certificate

Your RAC-CT certificate can be found under the My Certifications section located under the orange “My Account” button on AANAC.org. Be sure to print out your certificate on nice paper and buy a high-quality frame to hold your achievement. Place the frame somewhere you’ll see every day to remind you and others that you are professionally certified.

After all of that, throw yourself a big party! You’re RAC-CT!

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