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25th Anniversary

Celebrating 25 Years

In 2024, AAPACN is celebrating its 25th Anniversary! This significant milestone marks a quarter-century of dedication to excellence in post-acute care nursing. Over the past 25 years, AAPACN has played a pivotal role in supporting and empowering post-acute care professionals. Together, we have witnessed tremendous growth, accomplished significant milestones, embraced constant change, and most importantly, we have had the privilege of supporting and connecting with our dedicated members.

Learn how AAPACN is commemorating its silver anniversary by reading this blog post.

Help us celebrate the association’s remarkable achievements with a look back through the years and envision the possibilities for the next quarter century.

A Message from AAPACN President and CEO, Tracey Moorhead

Silver Anniversary

AAPACN 2024 Conference attendees gather to celebrate the 25th anniversary in Hollywood, FL
AAPACN 2024 Conference attendees dressed in silver and white to commemorate the silver anniversary.

Significant Milestones

AAPACN milestones over the past 25 years


Answer: AANAC Coffee Cup

The name was soon changed to NAC News. Today’s AAPACN newsletter for NACs is Leader for the NAC.
Answer: March 11-12, 1999, in Denver, CO
A.  American Association of Resident Assessment Coordinators
B.  American Association of Resident Assessment Coordination
C.  American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordinators
D.  American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination

Answer: C

The American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordinators (AANAC) was founded in 1999. In 2011, AANAC changed “Coordinators” to “Coordination” to recognize the role other IDT members play in the RAI process. In 2021, AANAC and its sister organization, the American Association of Directors of Nursing Services (AADNS), merged into one organization known as AAPACN.
Answer: AAPACN

Prior to the formation of AANAC, the role within the nursing home was exclusively called “MDS Coordinator.” In a May 3, 1999, newsletter editorial, AANAC founder, Diane Carter, RN, NSN, FAAN, wrote, “The role of the MDS Coordinator has changed. The role of this nurse continues to evolve from one of managing data entry as implied by the job title of MDS Coordinator to one of managing resident care as suggested by the title of Nurse Assessment Coordinator… the nurse with the strongest physical assessment, leadership and management skills must fill this role. This is only means of preserving high quality care for nursing homes residents.”
Answer: $90

AAPACN dues have only increased an average of less than $3 per year over the last 25 years.
A.  AANAC, AADNS, and the Education Foundation
B.  Building blocks of care
C.  Forward motion along the continuum of care
D.  The roles of the NAC, DNS, and administrator

Answer: B and C (mostly C)

The original AAPACN logo was created in December 2015. The rounded square shapes represent the steps in providing care in a post-acute setting. The blocks are then turned at an angle to form an arrow-like symbol to demonstrate the forward motion of the continuum of care.

In February 2019, the logo was updated to the current version. The square shapes represent the steps toward acquiring necessary certification and knowledge in order to be a successful professional. The blocks are staggered in an arrow formation to demonstrate the forward motion of the continuum of care. Although AAPACN switched to the new logo in 2019, its big public debut didn’t occurred until May 2021 with the launch of the AAPACN website and merging of AANAC and AADNS into AAPACN.    

Memory Lane

See more memories shared by AAPACN members.

Conference Through the Years

Rena Shephard speaking at first conference in 2000 in Las Vegas
Members at the 2012 conference in Jacksonville
Members at the 2010 conference in Las Vegas
Ken Bell emceeing the Ignite Theater at the 2015 conference in New Orleans
Roundtable discussion at 2014 conference in Las Vegas
First Timer Meet and Greet at the 2016 conference in Atlantic City
Diane Carter speaking with members at the Fall 2002 Conference in Chicago
Annette Hall and Jennifer Pettis at the 2013 Conference in San Antonio
Administrator of the Year Dianne Sousa with Diane Carter and Carol Job at the 2008 Conference in Baltimore

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