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AAPACN Memory Lane

AAPACN Memory Lane

Take a trip down memory lane with AAPACN members who have shared their memories to commemorate our 25th Anniversary.

When I first joined the community, it was still AANAC and I was a brand new MDS nurse. I didn’t know much about SNF regulations and my heart wasn’t here but as I learned more and deeper about SNF, I love it!

Back in 2016 when I became an MDS nurse, I did not even know what MDS meant. I researched to find training for my new position and found AAPACN. I am grateful for the training materials they provided.

When I first was thrown into the MDS role (2003), I was brand new to SNF setting with no idea of what MDS was or what to do. The company had no clinical consultant for mds. I learned mds by joining AANAC (now AAPACN). I went to the 3day conference and found out what I did NOT know and had been incorrectly told by former mds nurse. I was on that discussion group every single day, posting questions multiple times a day and, with RAI manual open, getting answers from MDSCs from all over the nation and key AANAC leaders/instructors. Without them I would not have made it. Because I learned from sources I became a good mds coordinator and eventually obtained a position as a regional mds consultant/educator.

Gosh, I’ve been a member for a very long time and can remember the first conference/certification training I attended. I believe it was in Pennsylvania or Pittsburgh? There were on about 35 people in attendance. I was so thankful to have found AANAC as it has really assisted me over the years with MDS/PPS/PDPM and I have found it to be invaluable. Happy 25th AAPACN!!

I joined AAPACN when I was considering returning to nursing after a long hiatus to raise our 6 children. Prompted by the really kind and excellent care my mother-in-law received in our local small care facility. I had no idea how complicated things had gotten in terms of reports and oversight by numerous government agencies until my MDS workshop. Quite an eye opener. It is hard to image how any facility can succeed without the expert and trusted help AAPACN provides.

I went to my first AANAC conference in Las Vegas in 2000 I believe! I stayed at the Circus Circus. Had a great experience meeting peers and networking. One of the reasons I stayed employed with my company at a young age!