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TIP: CMS Answers iQIES Question on Change in Ownership

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) officials answered a question regarding the ability to submit MDS assessments in the Internet Quality Improvement and Evaluation System (iQIES) if a change in ownership occurs after the April 17 transition date. CMS clarified during the recent Skilled Nursing Facilities/Long-Term Care Open Door Forum that if the new owner retains the current CMS Certification Number (CCN), then the users will continue to use the same iQIES login information to submit assessments. However, if the new owner will obtain a new CCN, then providers must reapply for a Provider Security Official under the new CCN.

The RAI User’s Manual provides additional information on page 2-5: 

Change in Ownership: There are two types of change in ownership transactions:

  • The more common situation requires the new owner to assume the assets and liabilities of the prior owner and retain the current CCN number. In this case:
    • The assessment schedule for existing residents continues, and the facility continues to use the existing provider number.
    • Staff with QIES [iQIES] user IDs continue to use the same QIES [iQIES] user IDs.
  • There are also situations where the new owner does not assume the assets and liabilities of the previous owner. In these cases:
    • The beds are no longer certified.
    • There are no links to the prior provider, including sanctions, deficiencies, resident assessments, Quality Measures, debts, provider number, etc.
    • The previous owner would complete an OBRA Discharge assessment – return not anticipated, thus code A0310F = 10, A2000 = date of ownership change, and A2100 = 02 for those residents who will remain in the facility.
    • The new owner would complete an Admission assessment and Entry tracking record for all residents, thus code A0310F = 01, A1600 = date of ownership change, A1700 = 1 (admission), and A1800 = 02.
    • Staff who worked for the previous owner cannot use their previous QIES [iQIES] user IDs to submit assessments for the new owner as this is now a new facility. They must register for new user IDs for the new facility.
    • Compliance with OBRA regulations, including the MDS requirements, is expected at the time of survey for certification of the facility with a new owner. See information above regarding newly certified nursing homes.

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