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COVID-19 Vaccines and Treatments Series: Paxlovid

This podcast is the beginning of a special podcast series on the winter wave of COVID-19. Throughout this series, AAPACN will talk with experts about the state of COVID-19, the vaccines and boosters available and why we need them, and the significance of COVID-19 treatments. The triple threat of infections this winter will also be addressed.

In this first episode, Amy Stewart, MSN, RN, DNS-MT, QCP-MT, RAC-MT, RAC-MTA, vice president of education and certification strategy for AAPACN, and Rob Leffler, RPh, BCGP, FASCP, vice president of clinical services for Synchrony Pharmacy discuss Paxlovid and how providers can work with their pharmacy to get this vital treatment.

Note: As of February 2023, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has removed the requirement for a positive test result to prescribe Paxlovid (and Lagevrio). See more information regarding Paxlovid on the FDA’s document, “Frequently Asked Questions on the Emergency Use Authorization for Paxlovid for Treatment of COVID-19.”