AAPACN Resources for PDPM Success

AAPACN Resources for PDPM Success

PDPM is here! Let AAPACN resources for PDPM success help you and your facility to continue to thrive under PDPM. Through AADNS and AANAC, AAPACN is supporting the dedicated nurses and long-term care professionals that will be responsible for maximizing efficiencies and reimbursement without compromising on patient outcomes.

Joining AANAC and AADNS provides members with unlimited access to PDPM resources, education, and training opportunities. From webinars to virtual workshop deep-dives, we are ensuring that members have what they need to feel confident through this transition.

Top PDPM Resources for NACs

Access the full list of resources available to AANAC members.

Top PDPM Resources for DONs

  • Webinar: PDPM is Coming – How the DNS Can Lead the Change
  • New Payment Models for Therapy Contracts
  • NACs Under PDPM: What Should They Do With Their “Free” Time?
  • PDPM Prep and Skilled Nursing: Secure Skilled Coverage Starting Day One
  • CMS Warns Against Payment-Driven Therapy Under PDPM
  • PDPM Admission Checklist Tool

Access the full list of resources available to AADNS members.

Join AANAC or AADNS today to get ahead of the transition.

Complimentary Downloads – PDPM At-A-Glance Tool and Pathway to PDPM Readiness Tool

Download these two great PDPM resources to help understand an overview of how the payment model works and prepare for implementation.