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Top 5 Care Connection Blogs of 2019

The Care Connection Blog is written for long-term care nurses who work hard, lead by example, and inspire the kind of care that we all want for ourselves one day. Below are the top five blogs written in 2019 that helped to clear confusion, brought you the excitement of the year’s events, and outlined very important details about the nurse assessment coordinator’s job function and role.


1.       What Is the Correct Order for My LTC Nursing Credentials?

You just received your RAC-CT certification, and you’re ready to add those five letters to your name! But first, where should you put them? Making sense of the order of the nurse alphabet soup can sometimes be confusing, so to help clear up confusion, we wrote this blog to help you understand the standard that AANAC follows for credentialing order. Revisit this one if you are still guessing!

2.       Seven Ways to Disseminate Important Information for PDPM Considering a Fixed Timeline

In this blog, AANAC member, Sierra Drevline, RN, BSN, RAC-CT, QCP, details how taking a systematic approach to spreading information can help you, as it helped her team, prepare for the new Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM). Even though PDPM is now in implementation, this blog is great to reread for some communication best practices.

3.       Looking Forward to the 2019 AANAC and AADNS Conference

What a year it was for the AANAC and AADNS Conference! Reread this blog to recall what we changed this year leading up to the conference, and you can also expect some great things to come with AAPACN’s 2020 Conference. Register now and join us in celebrating the Year of the Nurse in 2020!

4.       MDS 3.0 RAI User’s Manual Updates v1.17.1 Checklist

In 2019, CMS released version v1.17.1 of the RAI User’s Manual, which went into effect Oct. 1. AANAC put together a short list to help you review some of the major changes you needed to know.


5.       Highlights from the 2019 AANAC and AADNS Conference in Orlando

Did you enjoy the 2019 AANAC and AADNS Conference in Orlando? We did too! Big announcements, outstanding keynote speakers, all the best networking opportunities, empowering education sessions, CMS in-person, and so much more. Remember all the good times by rereading this blog. We hope to see you again at our conference in 2020!


Are you interested in writing a blog for AANAC in 2020? Let us know by filling out this form. We would love to share your story, advice, struggles and solutions, best practices, and more with your peers.

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