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Top 10 Care Connection Blogs of 2018

The Care Connection Blog is written for long-term care nurses who work hard, lead by example, and inspire the kind of care that we all want for ourselves one day. Below are the top 10 blogs written in 2018 that inspired you, kept you on the right track, and explained some very important details about the nurse assessment coordinator’s job function and role.


1.       6 Things DONs Can Do to Help Their Nurse Assessment Coordinator Thrive

In the number one blog of the year, we highlighted several opportunities that directors of nursing could address to help alleviate some of the issues nurse assessment coordinators (NACs) face daily. If you were a director of nursing struggling with NAC retention rates and keeping your employees happy, this was a must-read!

2.       5 Qualities of a Successful Nurse Assessment Coordinator

There are many important qualities for a nurse assessment coordinator, but in this blog, we highlighted five that you should really possess if you want to be successful in your job.

3.       5 Tips for Surviving Your RAC-CT Certification

The RAC-CT certification is a big accomplishment for any nurse assessment coordinator in long-term care. To help those tackling this educational feat, we put together some helpful tips to consider before starting or as you work toward your achievement.

4.       5 Important Reasons to Attend the AANAC Conference

Attending AANAC’s conference each year is the premier educational event for nurse assessment coordinators. In this blog, we provided five important reasons why you shouldn’t miss it!

5.       Highlights from the CMS SNF Follow-Up Webinar on Section N

AANAC’s vice president of curriculum development, Judi Kulus, used Twitter to share many takeaways from CMS’s SNF QRP Follow-Up Webinar on Section N on Aug. 27, 2018. These were the highlights, questions, and answers from that webinar.

6.       2018 AANAC Annual Conference Highlights Recap

For those who were unable to attend the 2018 AANAC Annual Conference in Las Vegas or who were looking for a recap of the events (including all of the SimpleLTC Ignite Theater presentations, our fond farewell to our founder and previous CEO, Diane Carter, and our announcement about the new Resident Assessment Coordinator—Certified Advanced (RAC-CTA) certification), this blog was an important read.

7.       15 Not-So-Scary Truths for Nurse Assessment Coordinators

For a bit of Halloween fun, we put together a list of some not-so-scary truths for nurse assessment coordinators.

8.       Why Should I Become a Certified NAC?

In case you were on the fence about becoming a certified nurse assessment coordinator, in this blog, we boiled it down to disclose why NACs embark on AANAC’s RAC-CT® certification, what NACs just like you gained from the experience, and what RAC-CT certification is ultimately all about.

9.       Why Should I Earn a Nursing Certification?

Being a certified nurse comes with many benefits. This blog helped put things in perspective for nurses who were considering certification but hadn’t yet made the leap.

10.   5 Ways to Celebrate Your RAC-CT Certification

We wanted to help you tell the whole world that you PASSED! So in this blog, we offered a few suggestions on how to spread the word, to share your joy with others, and to be RAC-CT proud!