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The Value of the MDS

“The MDS is an invaluable tool to us in long-term care. It involves so much of the nurse and her relationship with the resident and getting them to get to that highest level of function. It is so important, it’s so exciting, and it’s a tool that just drives great care.” – Jane Belt, RN, MS, RAC-MT, QCP

Here at AANAC, we agree with the OBRA philosophy that our loved ones go to a nursing home to live. Long-term care as we see it is all about improving the quality of life for our residents, whether that’s improving their physical quality, mental quality, or a psycho-social quality – whatever function they still have, we want to help them attain or maintain the highest level of dignity and ensure they are living their fullest lives in any way possible in our range of care. We’re here to make the daily lives of our elderly population the best that they can be.  

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a career in long-term care, working with older adults and really getting to know who they are as people? Are you interested in learning more about resident assessment, the Minimum Data Set (MDS), and the real value you could have as an MDS coordinator? If so, take a moment to listen to AANAC curriculum development specialist, Jane Belt, RN, MS, RAC-MT, QCP, discuss more about the OBRA philosophy, the decisions that were made in order to move toward a higher quality of care, and why the MDS and those who are involved in the assessment process are so important in the goal of improving the quality of care for residents living in nursing homes today.

A career working with the MDS and the geriatric population is one of the most rewarding positions you can have in the field of nursing. You are able to utilize and advance your clinical skills and knowledge to really make a difference. You get to care every day for the loved ones of others and ensure they have purpose, comfort, and joy. You can help them celebrate the little moments that make life worth living and show them there are people in the world who truly know what caring for others means, and you may even find out yourself.  Learn more about the life-changing opportunities in MDS available to you and how to get started.