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Nurses Week: Inspiring Stories from Nurse Leaders and Why They Chose LTC

Being a nurse leader in long-term and post-acute care is one of the most rewarding professions available in nursing. You are a key player in enacting change, helping your staff to grow, and knowing that everything you do improves the care and lives of residents in nursing homes. During Nurses Week, we’d like to celebrate by revisiting the many inspiring stories written by nurse leaders last year about why they chose LTC.

These stories will move you to say, “Yes, I am a LTC nurse leader. I am facing the future of long-term care with strength, with hope, and with the passion to care for others who cannot care for themselves. I want to see my staff grow and improve in ways they never thought possible. They deserve the best leader to guide them, and I want to be that nurse.”


1.       LTC Nursing is Honoring Our Elders’ Rights, Dignity, and Choices by Juzell (Joey) Pettis, RN, DNS-CT, WCC, DWC

Juzell Pettis, RN, DNS-CT, WCC, DWC, writes about her career path in choosing long-term care, her life-changing experiences in working with residents to improve their quality of care and learn about their lives, and how she fights every day to assure the rights, dignity, and choices of our elders and disabled are honored.

2.       Looking for a Daily Challenge? Become a Nurse Leader in Long-Term Care by Glenda Nelson, RN, BSN

Glenda Nelson, RN, BSN, writes about her career journey from acute care to long-term care. Her passion for challenging herself and encouraging others is a true inspiration.

3.       A Small Deed is a Big Deed to the Residents in Long-Term Care by Julie Conboy Russo, MS, RN, QCP

Julie Conboy Russo, MS, RN, QCP, tells her long-term care story about how she works every day to make a difference in someone else’s life, no matter how small that difference may seem. Read about her vision for the future of LTC and how she is working toward quality resident care.

4.       Working in Long-Term Care is Bringing Back the Quality of Life to Older Adults by Evangeline Carrozza

Evangeline Carrozza writes about her long-term care journey from nursing school to becoming a director of nursing services. If you are considering a career in LTC, you’ll be inspired by Evangeline’s perspective and her wise words of advice.

5.       Working in LTC was like Coming Home by Jeanne Gerstenkorn, RN, BSN, MSN, DNS-CT, RAC-CT

Jeanne Gerstenkorn, RN, BSN, MSN, DNS-CT, RAC-CT, tells her story of what it was like to go from being a child watching nurses magically make people well again to finding her home in a career as the senior vice president of health and wellness for a 20-chain CCRC and hospice company.

6.       LTC Nursing’s Culture Change Empowers Educational and Professional Growth by Helen Baker, MSN, RN, DON-CLTC, BC, WCC

Helen Baker, MSN, RN, DON-CLTC, BC, WCC, shares her story of how culture change in long-term care empowered her, despite personal tragedies, to go the extra mile in her educational studies and advance in her career.

7.       Long-Term Care Provides Our Elders with a Purpose by Julie Britton, DNP, MSN, RN-BC, GCNS-BC, FGNLA

Julie Britton, DNP, MSN, RN-BC, GCNS-BC, FGNLA, shares her story of how she progressed through her career from an LPN to the corporate vice president of clinical operations, as well as her optimistic views on long-term care today and the purpose and important care LTC professionals provide to residents and patients every day.

8.       Want a Career that Provides Research Opportunities, Autonomy, and the Ability to Make a Difference? Try LTC! by Kristin Breese, BSN, RN, CPC, RAC-MT, QCP-MT

Kristin Breese, BSN, RN, CPC, RAC-MT, QCP-MT, tells her story of how she went from a night job as a nurse aid to a director of nursing role, and how higher education and research has shaped her path in improving the quality of life and care for residents.

From all of us at AADNS, we wish you a very happy Nurses Week!

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