AAPACN is dedicated to supporting post-acute care nurses provide quality care.

NACs, We Celebrate YOU! Happy NAC Day!

Nurse assessment coordinators (NACs) have a vital role in any long-term and post-acute care facility. These nurses are the backbone of reimbursement, and they take charge of resident assessment and ensuring quality of care for residents. They are a key team member of the nursing department that deserves to be celebrated for their tremendous hard work.

NACs, today on the Tuesday of Nurses Week—NAC Day, and every day, from all of us at the American Association of Post-Acute Care Nursing (AAPACN), we thank you for your dedication to your profession and for caring for the residents who need your care. You are uniquely skilled and knowledgeable, you are needed, and you are appreciated for everything you do.

We know that the constant regulation changes are never easy, but you find solutions and adapt. We know that taking care of residents has its challenges, but you rise to them. You are a solo in the symphony that deserves a round of applause, and we are clapping for you.

NACs, we hope you take a moment today to celebrate YOU! To celebrate the position you have taken on and your value to your team and the community.

Also, take a moment today to thank other NACs as well and to cheer each other on. You can send them an eCard or wish them a Happy NAC Day in the AAPACN Connect online communities. Learn more about how you can celebrate other NACs and LTPAC professionals here.

And if you are reading this and you know a NAC in your life, make sure to tell them how awesome they are today—they don’t always hear it enough; and if they do, one more time is always appreciated.

Happy NAC Day!