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MDS 3.0 RAI User’s Manual Updates Checklist

With the updated RAI User’s Manual released on August 31 by CMS, you are probably working steadily on preparing for the changes that go into effect very soon on October 1, 2017. To ensure you are prepared for the changes coming your way, below is a short checklist to help you review what you need to know:

Housekeeping updates:

·         Title page

·         Table of contents

·         Chapter 1

·         Chapter 6

·         Appendix C

Changes to read in their entirety by nurse assessment coordinators and other interdisciplinary team (IDT) members involved in the RAI process:

·         Chapter 2

·         Chapter 3: Intro

·         Chapter 3: Section A

·         Chapter 3: Section G

·         Chapter 3: Section GG

·         Chapter 3: Section H

·         Chapter 3: Section I

·         Chapter 3: Section J

·         Chapter 3: Section L

·         Chapter 3: Section M

·         Chapter 3: Section N

·         Chapter 3: Section O

·         Chapter 3: Section P

·         Chapter 3: Section Q

·         Chapter 4

·         Appendix A

Also, in case you missed it, be sure to watch the most recent AANAC webinar on some of the important changes listed above, “The Wait is Over – The Final MDS 3.0 RAI Manual is Here,” which is available in our Recorded Webinar Library!

Here at AANAC, we want to ensure you are always getting the latest information about regulation updates and the resources you need to successfully perform your job. AANAC members receive access to free articles, tools, live webinars, and an online discussion group about the most important issues facing long-term care professionals today.

Note: For those looking for the most current MDS education, all of our Resident Assessment Coordinator–Certified (RAC-CT®) courses are now being updated by our curriculum development specialists with the most recent changes included in v1.15 of the RAI User’s Manual. These updates will be completed as of October 2, 2017.

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