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AAPACN Education Foundation 2020 Scholarship Recipients

This Nurse’s Week, we honor four rising stars in long-term and post-acute care. The AAPACN Education Foundation positively impacts the lives of 1.4 million people living in nursing homes by providing scholarships for nurses seeking their RN license and degrees in nursing. In 2020, the AAPACN Education Foundation awarded more than $15,000 in scholarships. Congratulations to these deserving scholarship recipients!

Cheryl M. Thomas Scholarship

Named in the memory of a dedicated LTPAC nurse, the Cheryl M. Thomas Scholarship provides $5,000 to an RN pursuing a BSN or higher nursing degree nursing degree.

Alexis Albrecht, RN, RAC-CT

My goal is to use my knowledge base and passion to encourage more nurses to become board certified in geriatrics. Education is something that cannot be taken from anyone. Education is invaluable. I hope to be an inspiration to my co-workers to continue in their education and know that long-term care has possibilities for furthering careers, just like other areas of nursing. My residents will be impacted by this scholarship and degree by being on the receiving end of nurses specialized in their population.

Lighting the Way in Healthcare Scholarship

This $5,000 scholarship is awarded to an LPN/LVN pursuing a BSN or higher nursing degree.

Shaina Benson

I want to continue to contribute to the long-term care field throughout the rest of my career as a nurse. Nursing is constantly changing. However, one thing remains the same. The residents deserve a “home” that actually feels like home. Nursing is beyond a career path; it is embedded in who you are as a person. I strive always to be that role model for those around me, and I truly feel it is my life’s purpose to be a nurse.

Elevating Healthcare Scholarship

This $3,000 scholarship is awarded to an RN pursuing a BSN degree.

Beth Brown, RN

I have witnessed many years of change in healthcare. I foresee being part of the solutions to new challenges that are vital to the provision of optimal care for our elders. I plan to encourage and embrace change through my voice to impact legislation as an advocate for our elder population. There is no end in caring for the elderly. This special population needs a voice in healthcare organizations to impact greater regulatory change to improve processes and enhance care.

Sparking the Future of Healthcare Scholarship

This $4,000 scholarship is awarded to a CNA pursuing an RN license or BSN or higher nursing degree.

Elizabeth Walker

I gain so much wisdom on every shift while working with my residents, talking to them, and listening to their stories. Being able to make a difference in people’s lives means so much to me. I feel honored that I am able to take care of people in their final days, offering a smile, hug, or my time in order to make them feel better. Being in this aspect of healthcare can be hard, as most of my residents won’t ever get better, but it is worth all of the sadness in order to make these people feel valued and loved.

The Foundation awards scholarships to students with an interest in long-term care and who are pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree. Applications will open again in the fall of 2020.

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