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AAPACN 2021 Inspiration Award Winner – Sonam Verma

Sonam Verma, AAPACN 2021 Inspiration Award Winner

In celebration of Nurses Week 2021, the American Association of Post-Acute Care Nursing (AAPACN) Leading In Care Blog will recognize an AAPACN 2021 Award winner each week in May. Winners were honored at the AAPACN 2021 Conference held virtually in April.

The AAPACN 2021 Inspiration Award is presented to an aspiring or inspiring nurse leader. The AAPACN 2021 Inspiration Award winner is Sonam Verma! Sonam is a staff nurse at Apple Rehab in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

When stress was high during the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, her confidence and positive attitude helped to create an atmosphere of calm among residents and to encourage calm and hopefulness among her teammates.

As Sonam explained in her application, “I make sure that I work hard, am always honest, confident, positive, passionate, humble, and make sure I communicate everything. I keep myself to a high set of standards that allow me to inspire others to believe in me, gain the trust of those I work with, and motivate those around me, while also allowing me to constantly improve.”

Learn more about the AAPACN Awards. Nominations for the AAPACN 2022 Awards will open in October 2021. Watch the 2021 Awards & Scholarship presentation and learn more about each winner.

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