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A Nurse’s Poem and Other Great Reads

In case you need something good to read on your way to the 2018 AANAC Annual Conference in Las Vegas next week, and in honor of National Poetry Month, we put together a few fun nursing-specific poems for you to enjoy!


1.       A Nurse’s Poem

By Becky Peterson, Bear Creek Nursing Center

For my friends, getting pregnant is all the rage,

but I cradle the children of a different age.

Gray are the heads that rest on my breast,

my arms around those who are taking last steps.

Where words have lost meaning from hearing too much,

my lullabies are sung in the language of touch.

Coming full circle, back to diaper and tears,

the faces I coo at wear the blanket of years.

My nurturing is done without giving birth,

to children heading back to the womb of the earth.

Their bodies contract to a fetal position,

preparing themselves for the birth of transition.


2.       “Be a Nurse” by Edwin C. HofertWe promise this poem will leave you with goosebumps and a distinctly humble appreciation for your career choice.

3.       This collection of nursing poems, specifically “Another Goodbye” by Jennifer Huff, LPN, which pulled at our heartstrings as we nodded in agreement at how many wonderful residents we keep alive in our memories.


4.       Lessons From a Nursing Home Urban Legend – You may have read the first one, but have you read the nurse’s reply?


5.       Don’t forget to reread last year’s LTC Haiku poems written by AANAC members and staff!


Keep the nurse writing spirit alive! We need more nurses who put their experiences down on paper and lift others up with their unique voices. Have you written a poem about your experiences as a long-term care nurse? Send it to us, and we’ll post it on the Care Connection Blog this month!

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