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5 Best Nurse Leader Blogs of 2019

In 2019, the Nurse Leader Blog brought you the excitement of the year’s events, inspiring stories, leadership advice, tips for culture change, and much more. Revisit the most popular posts on the Nurse Leader Blog from 2019 below.


  1. Looking Forward to the 2019 AANAC and AADNS Conference
    What a great year for the AANAC and AADNS Conference! Reread this blog to recall what we changed this year leading up to the conference, and you can also expect some great things to come with AAPACN’s 2020 Conference. Register now and join us in celebrating the Year of the Nurse in 2020!
  2. The Long-Term Care Moment That Changed My Life
    In this blog, Amy Stewart, Vice President of Curriculum Development for AAPACN, told the story of the long-term care moment that changed her life, the gifts she received from a true moment of care as a director of nursing, and the revelation that was the reason she decided to stay in the field.

  3. Do You Embody Inspirational Leadership?
    AADNS member, Cody Campbell, LNFA, provided insight into his take on inspirational leadership as the key to being a successful nurse leader. Revisit how nurse leaders can inspire and lead their teams in this blog post.

  4. Workplace Culture – Speak it, Breathe it, Live it
    In this blog, nurse leaders learned the four key areas for to consider when developing their workplace culture.
  5. 3 Tools for the New Director of Nursing’s Toolbox – Part 1
    New Directors of Nursing (DNSs) discovered three new tools to add to their toolbox in this blog. In Part 1 of this series, DNSs found out how to set boundaries and establish expectations for communication with their teams.