AAPACN Classroom Update

Exciting Enhancements Coming Soon!

The AANAC and AADNS Classrooms are transitioning to a new and improved AAPACN Learner Dashboard at the end of March 2021. The Classrooms and the new Learner Dashboard will not be available during the last two weeks of March. If you have a recent or upcoming recertification deadline during the down time, you will be given additional time. When the Learner Dashboard is available, you will receive more information about completing your courses or recertifications.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the enhanced features.

  • Updated look and feel and that is completely mobile-friendly!
  • Streamlined access to your education purchases with everything — products, events, CE certificates — in one place.
  • Redesigned courses that make your learning experience more engaging.
  • Easy to use at-a-glance certification dashboard showing where you are in the process of earning a certification, as well as clear information about when recertification is available.
Here’s a Sneak Peak

What you need to know about the transition

  • The AANAC and AADNS Classrooms will be unavailable during the last two weeks of March. This time will allow for a clean transfer of courses and programs that are in progress.
    • The downtime will not affect your eligibility to recertify. You will be able to complete the recertification requirements in the new AAPACN Learner Dashboard when access is restored.
  • Any courses that are added to the AAPACN Learner Dashboard during this transfer will expire after one year from the transfer date, in alignment with the new expiration policy (see below). Courses purchased earlier than Jan. 1, 2019, will not be transferred to the new AAPACN Learner Dashboard.
  • Once the AAPACN Learner Dashboard has launched, the DNS-CT and RAC-CTA programs will not be immediately available in the new online format. Learners who recently purchased these courses may still access the content and exams in the AAPACN Learner Dashboard during this transition time. The educational content of the course will only be offered as a downloadable PDF until the new online format is completed and released. Learners will still be able to take the certification exams in the new AAPACN Learner Dashboard during this time.

Policy changes along with the new AAPACN Learner Dashboard

  • Purchases (courses, tools, recorded webinars, etc.) will be available for one year from the date of purchase. After that time, access to the product will expire.
    • You will still be able to download and save eligible products, so you have access to them beyond the expiration date.
  • Recertification courses or applications will not be available until six months before the certification expiration date.  Recertification purchases expire after six months.
  • All exams associated with a course will have three attempts per purchase to pass with a score of at least 80%.
  • The expiration date of an earned certification is now calculated from the date you earned it.
    • The expiration date will no longer be a standard end of the month date.
    • If you recertify after your expiration date, within an approved grace period, your certification cycle dates will be re-calculated based on the new date you completed the recertification requirements.
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