AANAC Membership

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Benefits of AANAC Membership

You can’t beat the investment in yourself and your career by becoming a member of AANAC and enjoying the benefits of AANAC Membership. Establish a solid network of peers and take your learning to new heights. You’ll receive condensed and expert-reviewed updates and RAI User’s Manual changes upon release; education and certification opportunities to deepen your knowledge and sharpen your skills; and a community of support to build your career and strengthen your network.

Immediate Benefits You’ll Receive from AANAC

  • Free registration for all live, expert-led webinars
  • Up to 50% off education and certification opportunities and conference registration 
  • Synthesized and broken-down updates on complex CMS regulations and requirements, as well as need-to-know information on the changing long-term care landscape 
  • Regular communication to stay updated in the form of emails, e-newsletters, articles, and discussion feeds
  • 24/7/365 advice from peers and experts in a members-only online forum/community setting 
  • Access to the career center where you can find your next career opportunity or hire a new team member 
  • Membership with an established professional association that’s nationally recognized

Long-term Benefits You’ll Receive from AANAC

  • Opportunities to grow your career through speaking engagements, writing and blog submissions, and mentoring
  • An established support system and network of like-minded clinicians to lean on through the challenging and changing field of long-term care
  • The chance to play a role in the future of long-term care by participating in advocacy efforts and volunteering
  • Contribute to someone else’s education success, as $1 of your yearly dues goes directly to the LTC Nursing Education Foundation to support long-term care nurses with educational opportunities

Membership Levels

One-year Individual Membership $131 per year
Two-year Individual Membership $231 per year
Student One-year Membership $33 per year

If you have a group of 10 or more individuals that would like to join AANAC, consider a group membership.

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